Saturday, July 23rd and Sunday, July 24th


Hospitality at its BEST!

The Private VIP Chalet is an exclusive hospitality area with excellent flight line viewing of the 2016 Sioux Falls Airshow. Clients, family and friends will be entertained and delighted with your sponsored all-inclusive Private VIP Chalet. We have a variety of sponsorship levels available.

Partner with Sioux Falls Airshow

The Sioux Falls Airshow is a free event produced through a unique partnership between the Airshow Committee and the South Dakota Air National Guard. This year the South Dakota Air National Guard celebrates its 70th anniversary.

There was approximately 70,000 to 90,000 individuals that attended the 2012 Airshow. We are working hard to line-up the best airshow to date!

Major Sponsor Benefits


Names of major sponsors will be on posters to be distributed throughout the Sioux Empire Area.

Event Program:

Programs will be in the Sioux Falls Shopping News before the event. All sponsors will be recognized in the program in the ad. Programs to be distributed at the gate entrances.


One banner may be displayed on the Airshow grounds. Airshow committee will pickup, setup and return banners to major sponsors.

During Airshow:

Major sponsors will be mentioned throughout the Airshow by the Airshow announcer on a prerecorded message.

Newspaper Ad:

Information regarding the Airshow and Airshow schedule will be in either the Argus Leader or the Shopping News with identification of the major sponsors.

VIP Friday Night Reception:

A special evening is being planned for the VIPs and major sponsors to meet the Blue Angel Pilots and other Airshow performers. This will be the Friday night before the Airshow. Each major sponsor will receive tickets.

Private VIP Chalet:

Private Chalet area for Saturday or Sunday or both days of the Airshow depending on Sponsorship Level. Chalet will be large enough to accommodate 150 people and will include a large tent, tables, chairs and port-a-potties, food and beverages.


Major sponsors will receive VIP parking passes per day to access the most convenient remote parking area near the Airshow grounds.

Some Airshow Highlights

Military Ground Displays

Historic Aircraft

Children’s Play Area

Interactive Activities

Trolley Transportation

Meet the men and women in military uniforms.

Major Sponsorship Benefits


Event Program


Public Address Recognition

Newspaper Ad

VIP Friday Night Reception

Private VIP Chalet


“Friends of the Airshow” Benefits ($100-$2999)

Event Program: Schedules to be distributed at the gate entrances and provided in the Shopping News prior to the event.

Thank you ad: A specific ad will be run after the Airshow thanking all sponsors and “Friends of the Airshow”.

Newspaper Ad: Information regarding the Airshow and Airshow schedule will be in the Shopping News.

Friends of the Airshow Chalet: “Friends of the Airshow” will receive passes to the VIP Chalet. The chalet will include a large tent and chairs, air conditioned trailer, free food and beverages.

(One VIP Chalet pass for every $100 donated)

(One VIP Parking pass for every $1000 donated)

Major Sponsorship Level Selection

Fighter Pilot Sponsor Benefits - $12,000

8 tickets to VIP Friday Night Reception

Private VIP Chalet both Sat. and Sun.

8 VIP Parking Passes

Bomber Sponsor Benefits - $8000

6 tickets to VIP Friday Night Reception

Private VIP Chalet Sat. or Sun.

6 VIP Parking Passes

Stunt Pilot Sponsor Benefits - $3500

2 tickets to VIP Friday Night Reception

10 VIP Chalet passes Sat. and Sun.

3 VIP Parking Passes

Friends of the Airshow Benefits - ($100-$2,999)

One VIP Chalet Pass for every $100 donated

One VIP Parking Pass for every $1000 donated